First works from Two-Dimensional Design Class

I finally got around to shooting then posting my recent completed works from the art class I’m taking. I’m currently taking ART112 – Two-Dimensional Design at Mesa Community College.

All the subject matter of the course is non-objective, so the end results are just shapes and forms. None of the pieces are supposed to look like real objects/things.

The first pieces were 5×6″ Figure and Field cards. The positive or negative forms had to be gestalt, and these pieces were completed with black construction paper on watercolor paper.

Figure and Field Figure and Field Figure and Field Figure and Field Figure and Field

Two of those cards were then enlarged to 10×12″ and painted with black gouache on watercolor paper. The professor found my geometric patterns more interesting hence why the larger piece is a bit more simple.

Figure and Field Painting Figure and Field Painting

The next assignment was for Pattern, and the final piece was a completed set of rotational patterns. Taking a 2″ equilateral triangle, I took a design and began to replicate it by rotating it on a center axis. This generated a hexagon which was then copied further. The final piece is black sharpie on drawing paper and is about 16×20″.

Pattern - Rotational Pattern - Rotational

The final assignment was Rhythm. This one took the most effort to brainstorm for a set of acceptable pieces and I’m quite happy with the final result. Each subject is 6×8″ and is painted with black gouache on watercolor paper. The detail work was very hard but I’m happy with how clean the piece is overall given the size of the brush I was using.

Rhythm Paintings Rhythm Paintings Rhythm Paintings Rhythm Paintings

So I’m happy that I was able to finally get some organic forms and curves in the final piece to contrast the geometrically-simple earlier works.

In addition to the images above, a gallery of all my ART112 work so far is available.