First Friday and the Art of Lisa Albinger

Art of Lisa Albinger

Last Friday Jessica, her boss Rod, and myself went to the art walk held in downtown Phoenix for an event called First Friday. A bunch of small, oddly designed galleries located within once-vacated buildings were set up to display the work of the local artists. Sculpture, paintings, photography: you name it.

There wasn’t a lot of work present, or at least not as much as you would expect from a art festival. There were a few good pieces, but for the most part there was less stuff then what I had assumed. It still was an interesting night.

One of the more clever exhibits was being held in the back of a U-Haul trailer. An enterprising individual simply hung his digitally altered photographs from the rungs along the trailer’s walls. He installed a large flood light, extended the hidden walkway, and he had an instant portable gallery. Quite ingenious.

The other notable artist from the evening was a painter named Lisa Albinger. Her pieces are created using cotton swabs, paper towels, paint, and a lot of imagination. I heartily recommend checking out her work on her site. It is quite impressive.