Unique Toys Ordin… otherwise known as Abominus

With the recent release of the final two members of Unique Toys Ordin team, fans can finally complete their updated homage to the massive Terrorcon combiner known as Abominus.

Unique Toys Ordin
Unique Toys Ordin

Unique Toys certainly has been stepping up their game as of late, and the full set of Ordin bots are a great example of that. Each of the individual figures have excellent engineering and design work on their own. But I must stay that when they combine, they really shine. The use of color and paint across the team pop when joined together. The rather large gestalt is impressive when placed on a desk or shelf.

The combined Ordin robot ranks up there as one of the best third-party combiners to date. The quality of the design and production really shine. From the ingenious hidden elbow joints in the arm bots (Hagen and Alberich), the expressive sculpt of the torso and head (Siegfried), to the solidness of his legs and feet (Troll and Fenrir) – the Ordin team comes highly recommended.

Throttlekaiser vs Ordin
ToyWorld’s Throttlekaiser vs Unique Toys Ordin

Ordin feels sturdy when combined together. Each limb connects securely and allows for a variety of posing options. His toes can tilt forward, his waist can swivel freely, his arms ratchet in multiple places, and his fingers can be individually positioned. Ordin has a good balance and weight to him as a whole. The chest shield and waist parts also peg in solidly along with his combined gun.

Terrorcons - Robot modes Terrorcons - Monster modes
I also honestly really enjoy the individual Ordin bots. Each of them has character in both of their modes. However, the standout is definitely Troll (O-01). Just by himself, he is one of my favorite figures from this past year. The fact that he has four other similar team members – and the fact that he can combine – are extra bonuses.

Where Ordin Fits in Your Collection

I’m a fan of the larger scaled Gestalts like Hercules and Feral Rex, and therefore I feel Unique Toys Ordin fits in perfectly in most Transformers Classics / Generations collections. Ordin is big and beefy, with a great overall aesthetic. As seen in the photos below, he’s roughly the same size as TFC’s Uranos, MMC’s Feral Rex, and ToyWorld’s Throttlebot combiner.

TFC Uranos and Unique Toys OrdinToyWorld Throttlekaiser and Unique Toys OrdinToyWorld Throttlekaiser and Unique Toys Ordin

For some, this larger scale of combiner can also be used to represent characters in their Masterpiece collections. Ordin fits that bill with his amount of engineering and polish. The very imposing size of the combined bot also helps. These high-end qualities can justify his inclusion in MP displays as well.

Uranos & Throttlekaiser vs Ordin & Feral Rex
Uranos & Throttlekaiser vs Ordin & Feral Rex

Either way, Ordin is a great entry into anyone’s Transformer collection.

The Combiner Hunters Chromia and Arcee engage Ordin in an attempt to rescue Windblade.
The Combiner Hunters Chromia and Arcee engage Ordin in an attempt to rescue the captured Windblade.

Quick Summary


  • Solid engineering, strong plastic, and excellent paint
  • Great individual bots, especially Troll (O-01)
  • Excellent use of bold colors across the entire team
  • Spot on homage to the old group of Terrorcons

What to Watch For

  • Siegfried’s (O-04) combiner legs have a slight engineering issue that can be fixed with the extra parts included with Hagen (O-05)
  • The leg combiner pegs can be a tight fit for the leg ports, so take your time inserting and removing them the first time

Ordin - Side View Ordin - Rear View Ordin - Side View

Overall Recommendation

Unique Toys Ordin is worth your time. He is a great combiner, has excellent individual bots, and can easily be placed in either Classics or Masterpiece collections.