Hot Dog Days of Summer at Joe’s Farm Grill

This evening we decided to visit a local restaurant that has been featured on several television shows: Joe’s Farm Grill. We had eaten there almost immediately after it opened, before all the national attention, and this was the first time we’ve been back in a long time.

What brought us back was the re-introduction of their “Hot Dog Days of Summer” promotion, where they have a selection of 10 different hot dogs available for the month of September. Jessica had shared the menu with me and almost instantly I knew we’d have to try some of them at least once.

This special menu is as follows:

  • The Hawaiian (with ham, mozzarella, bacon and pineapple-serrano sauce)
  • The Asian (shredded carrot, bean sprouts, scallions, wasabi mayo and teriyaki glaze)
  • The Carolina (pulled pork and cole slaw)
  • The 3-B (bacon, blue cheese and Joe’s Real BBQ sauce)
  • The Sonoran (bacon, farm beans, melted cheese, jalapeños and sour cream)
  • The Cordon Bleu (smoked ham, Swiss cheese, fried egg and Dijon aioli)
  • The Swedish (garlic mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce)
  • The Trailer Park (Cheez Whiz and crumbled potato chips)
  • The Rueben (sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing)
  • The Buffalo (carrots, celery, buffalo hot sauce and blue cheese dressing)

Asian Dog and Cordon Bleu Hot Dogs

My choices for today’s visit were the Asian and Cordon Bleu (seen to the right). The dogs come in the old school folded bread style of hot dog buns. The hot dogs had natural casings and a clean flavor that were above the standard. The side was some double fried french fries.

The Asian had a nice crisp taste with the sprouts mixing well with teriyaki sauce. It also finished nicely with the wasabi mayo tucked underneath the wiener that added a bit of heat every other bite. No one flavor overpowered the other. I would highly recommend.

The Cordon Bleu on the other hand was a bit of a mess. I removed the sliced pickles from the top to see the fried egg drenched in the dijon aioli. I ran through about 5 napkins trying to clean up as I ate, my face and hands were a mess. The egg and swiss cheese were nice, but the ham was an afterthought and not noticeable. This particular dog also disintegrated as I ate.

With at least one of the hot dogs being great, and with other menu items still in my tastebud queue, I think we’ll be heading back at least once this month. Jessica had gotten a kid’s grilled cheese and garlic fries, but had initially pondered getting the Trailer Park and its cheez whiz and crumbled potato chips. Maybe she’ll venture out and try it next time we head over to Joe’s grill.