Optimus Prime Cake: 2007

Last week I sent a link to Jessica about a Transformers cake that was coming to Wal-Mart. It was your standard grocery store sheet cake with a toy topper that was a real transforming Optimus Prime from the upcoming movie.

That link set the gears spinning to do our own Transformers cake. But instead we were going to not just do the topper. Oh no, instead the entire cake was going to be Optimus Prime. And he was going to be big.

So after baking 12 8×8 white cakes (9 of which were used), using 5lbs of white fondant, 6 cans of Color Spray, 3 batches of buttercream, 2 vials of silver dust mixed with vodka, and 2 very long days crafting this piece of edible art: we had ourselves our own Optimus Prime cake.

More details about the process are available in the Flickr set about the project, as well on my wife Jessica’s blog.

In the end, it looks like we completed our goal and also made the 1984 cartoon variant of Optimus Prime quite happy.

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