Dolphin Olympics

Dolphin Olympics

I found this gem of a game the other day via Jay is Games. Called Dolphin Olympics, it’s a simple-but-complex game built entirely in Flash. Using a combo-type scoring system similar to the Tony Hawk games, its quirky gameplay is fun and quite addictive. The visuals and audio are also above the norm.

The controls are very simple, but take just a bit of finesse in order to really grasp them. It took me a couple of tries to realize that you could add spin moves with the down arrow. It is also important to make sure to land in the water at the correct angle to keep up your speed.

Also just like in Tony Hawk, once you learn how to combo moves and perform flashier tricks, you’ll be putting up some big numbers and huge leaps. You’ll be leapfrogging your own scores in almost no time at all.

Some funny things to look for in the game are items such as how the background changes depending on when in the day you choose to play the game. Also try to catch a fish or two inside of a combo, and then leap high enough to reach some fireworks.

If you have a chance, be sure to check it out.