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Welcome to my gallery of photography projects. My wife and I started taking photos regularly in February of 2002, with the intention to take a full years-worth of weekly photos. We accomplished this 52 weeks later and completed our initial goal.

We attempted to continue completing photo projects, but the desire to do so waned and so we stopped taking regular photos. We still strive to take photos to stay creative, and when applicable the new photos will appear on this page.

Most of the photos were taken in order to help us better learn our camera and different photography techniques. I hope you will enjoy what you see, and comments are always welcome.
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Project 61 - Macro
Project 61       Macro Brain child of Photo Friday
May 27, 2004

A trip to the local Riparian Reserve in Gilbert led us to taking this simple macro photos. Not the best work, or the most creative, but good nonetheless.

Project 60 - Parts
Project 60       Parts Brain child of Photo Friday
May 20, 2004

I wish I had enough of these little Pixelblocks to finish the sculpture when I took these shots, but the shots of the individual blocks are pretty good. I did eventually get enough blocks to finish my Floating Cat, as well as add two clouds.

Project 59 - Play
Project 59       Play Brain child of Photo Friday
May 13, 2004

Definitely slummed this week with a sole photo. It is a single shot of Tumbleweed playing amongst the sheets.

Project 58 - Natural
Project 58       Natural Brain child of Photo Friday
May 7, 2004

Nature photos always seem to be easy to take. This week was no exception, and any chance I saw to take photos of the environment I did.

Project 57 - Junk
Project 57       Junk Brain child of Photo Friday
April 29, 2004

Garbage, trash, refuse: all words that essentially mean junk. This week's adventure in photography had me visiting a condo development and wandering inside one of the big construction dumpsters. Fairly interesting shots this week.

Project 56 - Self Portrait
Project 56       Self Portrait Brain child of Photo Friday
April 23, 2004

I usually don't like photos of myself, and add to the fact that I needed to take this project's photos myself didn't help matters. I'm not too happy with the results, but at least I took them this week.

Project 55 - Discovery
Project 55       Discovery Brain child of Photo Friday
April 15, 2004

This past week included Easter Sunday, so it lent itself well to taking photos for this week's topic of Photography. Having my cousin's daughters in Easter dresses also didn't hurt either.

Project 54 - Atmosphere
Project 54       Atmosphere Brain child of Photo Friday
April 9, 2004

Well Jessica and I have started taking weekly photos again. This time our source of inspiration is the website Photo Friday. We took this week's topic and ran with it. I particularly like the moon in the clouds shot.

Project 53 - Western
Project 53       Western Brain child of Andrew Green
February 9, 2004

I was quickly running out of ideas and desire to take weekly photos. We still had this "final" week to go to complete the year-long project, and so I picked Western. Little did I know that getting those photos was gonna be difficult, or so it seemed. A simple trip to the Gilbert History Museum helped solve that problem.

Project 52 - Simplicity
Project 52       Simplicity Brain child of Jessica Green
February 2, 2004

Coming into the home stretch of hitting a year's worth of photos, here are 5 simple photos.

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