Little Yellow Guys' Playground

*Go over to the TURTLE *Go over to the WATER FOUNTAIN *Look at the rules for the SLIDE *Go over to the SLIDE *Go over to the SANDBOX *Go over to the SWINGS This is the sun shining down on the playground This is a cloud that looks like a big pillow

Swings Water Fountain Slide
Sandbox   Turtle
Leave Playground

Here is how the playground works -

At the bottom of each screen there should be some directional links. Click on these links to see different places in the playground. In addition to the main links, if you use Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator you can also run the mouse over parts of the view screen. If you hold the cursor over a spot that has something special, the cursor should turn into a hand and a short message should appear beside your cursor. And if the message starts with an *, then you can click on that spot to do a certain action! And so look for those little stars and enjoy your visit to the playground!