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Welcome to my gallery of photography projects. My wife and I started taking photos regularly in February of 2002, with the intention to take a full years-worth of weekly photos. We accomplished this 52 weeks later and completed our initial goal.

We attempted to continue completing photo projects, but the desire to do so waned and so we stopped taking regular photos. We still strive to take photos to stay creative, and when applicable the new photos will appear on this page.

Most of the photos were taken in order to help us better learn our camera and different photography techniques. I hope you will enjoy what you see, and comments are always welcome.
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Project 61 - Macro
Project 61       Macro Brain child of Photo Friday
May 27, 2004

A trip to the local Riparian Reserve in Gilbert led us to taking this simple macro photos. Not the best work, or the most creative, but good nonetheless.

Project 60 - Parts
Project 60       Parts Brain child of Photo Friday
May 20, 2004

I wish I had enough of these little Pixelblocks to finish the sculpture when I took these shots, but the shots of the individual blocks are pretty good. I did eventually get enough blocks to finish my Floating Cat, as well as add two clouds.

Project 59 - Play
Project 59       Play Brain child of Photo Friday
May 13, 2004

Definitely slummed this week with a sole photo. It is a single shot of Tumbleweed playing amongst the sheets.

Project 58 - Natural
Project 58       Natural Brain child of Photo Friday
May 7, 2004

Nature photos always seem to be easy to take. This week was no exception, and any chance I saw to take photos of the environment I did.

Project 57 - Junk
Project 57       Junk Brain child of Photo Friday
April 29, 2004

Garbage, trash, refuse: all words that essentially mean junk. This week's adventure in photography had me visiting a condo development and wandering inside one of the big construction dumpsters. Fairly interesting shots this week.

Project 56 - Self Portrait
Project 56       Self Portrait Brain child of Photo Friday
April 23, 2004

I usually don't like photos of myself, and add to the fact that I needed to take this project's photos myself didn't help matters. I'm not too happy with the results, but at least I took them this week.

Project 55 - Discovery
Project 55       Discovery Brain child of Photo Friday
April 15, 2004

This past week included Easter Sunday, so it lent itself well to taking photos for this week's topic of Photography. Having my cousin's daughters in Easter dresses also didn't hurt either.

Project 54 - Atmosphere
Project 54       Atmosphere Brain child of Photo Friday
April 9, 2004

Well Jessica and I have started taking weekly photos again. This time our source of inspiration is the website Photo Friday. We took this week's topic and ran with it. I particularly like the moon in the clouds shot.

Project 53 - Western
Project 53       Western Brain child of Andrew Green
February 9, 2004

I was quickly running out of ideas and desire to take weekly photos. We still had this "final" week to go to complete the year-long project, and so I picked Western. Little did I know that getting those photos was gonna be difficult, or so it seemed. A simple trip to the Gilbert History Museum helped solve that problem.

Project 52 - Simplicity
Project 52       Simplicity Brain child of Jessica Green
February 2, 2004

Coming into the home stretch of hitting a year's worth of photos, here are 5 simple photos.

Project 51 - Ice Cold
Project 51       Ice Cold Brain child of Andrew Green
January 26, 2004

We visited Jessica's home state of Michigan this past week and since it's winter, the place is covered with snow and ice. So this week we made a point to take ice cold photos.

Project 50 - Here, Kitty Kitty!
Project 50       Here, Kitty Kitty! Brain child of Jessica Green
January 19, 2004

We needed a quick topic this week because we have a trip planned for Michigan. So Jessica set the subject as our cats. So here are 5 simple cat photos.

Project 49 - Contrasting Colors
Project 49       Contrasting Colors Brain child of Andrew Green
January 12, 2004

I initially was thinking of complementray colors when I came up with this project, but it oddly enough switched to contrasting colors. The simpler topic allowed us to focus on quality pictures, and not struggle so much with finding complements.

Project 48 - Something Old; Something New
Project 48       Something Old; Something New Brain child of Jessica Green
January 5, 2004

First project of the new year, and it deals with something old and something new. Some of my photos don't have a strong relation to something new or old, but I like the shots so much that I've made them fit.

Project 47 - Bad-but-Good Shots
Project 47       Bad-but-Good Shots Brain child of Andrew Green
December 29, 2003

The point of this week's project was to more or less take sloppy photos. I did so because even bad photos can turn out to be good. Our photos this week are examples of that.

Project 46 - Reach for the Sky
Project 46       Reach for the Sky Brain child of Jessica Green
December 22, 2003

This week we were to take photos of the sky. I took the title into the concept even further by showing things reaching for the sky.

Project 45 - Gift Wrapped
Project 45       Gift Wrapped Brain child of Andrew Green
December 15, 2003

I had a great creative idea for this week, but slacked off until the last minute. Oh well, Jessica's gift wrapping photos are more along the idea of what I had originally wanted with unique objects that are gift wrapped. Mine are still good photos nonetheless.

Project 44 - It's Shiny
Project 44       It's Shiny Brain child of Jessica Green
December 8, 2003

I kept my shots of this week's topic, "It's Shiny", simple by simply shooting whatever I could think of that had a shine. Since it's the holiday season, we had our tree and ornaments to help me out.

Project 43 - Storytelling
Project 43       Storytelling Brain child of Andrew Green
December 1, 2003

I wanted to take 5 photos in progression so that we could tell a simple story using photos. I ended up telling the story of the cats and their desire for canned cat food.

Project 42 - All Alone
Project 42       All Alone Brain child of Jessica Green
November 24, 2003

Yet another day trip led to to us taking photos. This week I took photos of Jessica, as she was all alone on South Mountain.

Project 41 - Desert Wildlife
Project 41       Desert Wildlife Brain child of Andrew Green
November 17, 2003

I assumed that since Jessica and I live in Arizona, getting shots of desert wildlife should be a piece of cake. So we headed off to the Desert Botanical Garden in Tempe, and took photos of everything.

Project 40 - N is for November
Project 40       N is for November Brain child of Jessica Green
November 10, 2003

This week the project was to find five subjects that had the letter "N" in their name. I struggled on my own to come up with "N" related words, and instead had to break out the dictionary to find my inspiration.

Project 39 - Scary Sights
Project 39       Scary Sights Brain child of Andrew Green
November 3, 2003

Halloween was upon us this week so simply enough, we chose to take scary and spooky photographs.

Project 38 - Five Angles
Project 38       Five Angles Brain child of Jessica Green
October 27, 2003

This week was really simple with us taking five photos of the same object. Jessica took five photos of a piece of pottery, and I took five photos of a paper witch that is animated.

Project 37 - Day-of-the-week Photos
Project 37       Day-of-the-week Photos Brain child of Andrew Green
October 20, 2003

I felt in order to get us taking photos more casually, more often, I'd make the project this week to take at least 1 photo for each of the seven days in the week. So while they might not be the best, planned photos they like all photos still have value.

Project 36 - Groups of Four
Project 36       Groups of Four Brain child of Jessica Green
October 13, 2003

This week Jessica decided we should try to work with a layout predicament that is usually something to steer away from. Taking photos of groups of fours often isn't as pleasing at groups of odd numbers, or lesser objects. So while Jessica focused on the rose gardens at Mesa Community College, I simply chose whatever I happened to see.

Project 35 - Having Fun
Project 35       Having Fun Brain child of Andrew Green
October 6, 2003

While it seemed hard for us to have fun this week, the cats on the other hand had a blast this weekend while we let them go outside.

Project 34 - Hidden Household Hazards
Project 34       Hidden Household Hazards Brain child of Jessica Green
September 29, 2003

Since we have a child coming our way in the next year, Jessica thought it would be good to find any hidden household hazards that might be a danger to the baby. Unfortunately there wasn't much of a danger in our house, so some of our photos are alike.

Project 33 - Solo Color
Project 33       Solo Color Brain child of Andrew Green
September 22, 2003

We tried another simple topic this week: have the photos center on objects of the same color. I chose orange for my photos this week.

Project 32 - Negative Space
Project 32       Negative Space Brain child of Jessica Green
September 15, 2003

While my wife and I have been mostly concerned with her progressing pregnancy, we still had time to take this week's photos. This week we kept it simple to the subject of "negative space".

Project 31 - In-Camera Compositing
Project 31       In-Camera Compositing Brain child of Andrew Green
September 8, 2003

This week's topic of pretty much photoshopping, without using PhotoShop, seemed to be a creative project. However, once I started to take photos with items composited in the frame and only in-camera, I noticed that for the most part my creative juices ran dry. Most of my ideas didn't work either. However, I think some of the shots are funny in their own in-joke way.

Project 30 - Circles
Project 30       Circles Brain child of Jessica Green
September 1, 2003

Well I definitely slummed on this one, but at least the photos turned out decent. Maybe next week's will be more interesting.

Project 29 - Texture
Project 29       Texture Brain child of Andrew Green
August 25, 2003

We spent the later part of this week in a hotel room in Scottsdale, AZ. Since I normally take my photos during the day on weekends, my shots this week were taken near the hotel pool. I tried to vary the types of texture that I found.

Project 28 - Magazine Covers
Project 28       Magazine Covers Brain child of Jessica Green
August 18, 2003

This week's topic was stumping me all up until Sunday. I finally just dug in and started taking photos, and I'm impressed with the final results and they might be ready for real magazine covers.

Project 27 - Varied Lighting
Project 27       Varied Lighting Brain child of Mike Mogan
August 11, 2003

Even though the base description for this week's contest was to use at least 3 different light sources in different matters, I decided to use only different versions of daylight. My photos range from direct daylight, sunset, mid-day, through a skylight, and under cloud cover.

Project 26 - First Person Shooter
Project 26       First Person Shooter Brain child of Andrew Green
August 4, 2003

I was hoping to take a more varied range of photos taken from the eyes of the cameraman, but my first person shots only ended up being adequate. Jessica's are interesting though.

Project 25 - Song Titles
Project 25       Song Titles Brain child of Jessica Green
July 28, 2003

I tried to keep the themes of my photos this week based on mostly 80's songs. I also attempted to try a similar pose with different lighting to see how the photo was affected.

Project 24 - Hot! Hot! Hot!
Project 24       Hot! Hot! Hot! Brain child of Andrew Green
July 21, 2003

I thought the concept would be an easy project this week, but it ended up not being quite so easy. I'm not terribly happy with my photos in relation to the topic, but I did get some good shots of some hot dogs.

Project 23 - Afraid of Heights
Project 23       Afraid of Heights Brain child of Jessica Green
July 14, 2003

Heights were the topic this week. Jessica's photos ended up primary dealing with our trip to Las Vegas this weekend. My photos mostly deal with the the cats and a ladder. Hopefully they aren't too tall for your viewing pleasure.

Project 22 - Corporate Identity
Project 22       Corporate Identity Brain child of Andrew Green
July 7, 2003

This week's topic dealt with corporate logos. So Saturday night, both Jessica and I went out to take some guerilla photographs of corporate identities.

Project 21 - Action Figures
Project 21       Action Figures Brain child of Andrew Green
June 30, 2003

This week there was no particular project for the photos. Since my wife had surgery this week, she could not participate if there was a topic. Still I felt the need to continue weekly photo postings, so I present 5 shots of some of my action figures.

Project 20 - Color in B&W
Project 20       Color in B&W Brain child of Jessica Green
June 23, 2003

Jessica's idea this week was an experiment in black and white photography. The photos had to be taken by the B&W feature of the camera, and the colors of the subject should be recognizable by the subject itself. Hopefully, the colors of the objects I photographed can be imagined through the B&W photos.

Project 19 - Broken Frames
Project 19       Broken Frames Brain child of Andrew Green
June 16, 2003

This topic of mine seemed to be confusing to some. I essentially didn't want the subject of the photos to be completely within the framing of the photograph. Therefore, part of the main subject should not be seen in the photograph and is cutoff by one of the four edges (frames) of the viewing area. Therefore, you break the frames by having the subject bleed out of a the view.

Project 18 - Shadows
Project 18       Shadows Brain child of Jessica Green
June 9, 2003

Jessica's topic this week was shadows. I decided early on that my shots wouldn't just be the cast shadows of objects. I wanted to get shots that were like the first shadowed shot of Cheetoe's face.

Project 17 - Falling
Project 17       Falling Brain child of Andrew Green
June 2, 2003

I wanted to visit more motion and first person shots with this project, but the final results seemed to differ from that initial thought. Too bad most of my photos were taken inside after sundown and therefore poorly developed.

Project 16 - Midnight Madness
Project 16       Midnight Madness Brain child of Jessica Green
May 25, 2003

Jessica's idea this week was to focus on nightime photographs. Even though I initially struggled to take my photos this week, I made a trip to the local elementary school to take my weekly shots. Not shown in the photos is the aftermath of an egging that must have been done sometime this holiday weekend, as the egg smears on the windows were all dry.

Project 15 - Be a Ninja
Project 15       Be a Ninja Brain child of Andrew Green
May 18, 2003

Even though I had a bunch of creative ideas for this topic of mine, I am not happy with my final photos. I couldn't quite get into the mood to take the shots I wanted. I had hoped to put a little more far east spy feel into the project, but unfortunately I only ended up with boring, simple spy shots. At least it's good to know that Jessica's photos turned out well.

Project 14 - How Sweet It Is
Project 14       How Sweet It Is Brain child of Jessica Green
May 11, 2003

This week's concept were "sweet" things. My interpretation included standard sweets such as candy, but also the enjoyment of the cats looking out the window and the blossom of a hibiscus.

Project 13 - Showing Your Age
Project 13       Showing Your Age Brain child of Andrew Green
May 4, 2003

An idea that had been stewing around in my head since the start of these projects was to take photos that showed something from the past. The shots should just give off a feeling of being old and aged. Hopefully our shots this week do indeed give off that feeling.

Project 12 - Solarize
Project 12       Solarize Brain child of Jessica Green
April 27, 2003

This week's project involved the first use of a camera feature/filter. We were to take shots using the "solarize" feature. I tried to vary the clarity of my shots using a manual focus, and I like some of the final results.

Project 11 - Food Fotos
Project 11       Food Fotos Brain child of Andrew Green
April 20, 2003

My hope with this week's topic was to take more shots during the week, versus just the weekend. To get a little bit more free and comfortable taking photos whenever and wherever. So what better way to do that then to take shots of meals and snacks.

Project 10 - Digital Heirloom
Project 10       Digital Heirloom Brain child of Jessica Green
April 13, 2003

This week we were to take some photos representing us and our likes. I chose to show some of my personal items, my personal tastes, as well as one of my everyday tasks.

Project 9 - Odd Views
Project 9       Odd Views Brain child of Andrew Green
April 6, 2003

More experimentation with the simple things. It was time to further break out from the normal straight-on, horizontal photograph and try something new. This week we were to take shots of any context but to take it in an odd and interesting manner.

Project 8 - Primary Colors
Project 8       Primary Colors Brain child of Jessica Green
March 31, 2003

This week's topic was yet again a simple concept that wasn't as easy to complete. Nonetheless, our task was to take 5 different photographs and concentrated on each of the following 5 colors: white, yellow, red, green, and blue. My angle on the concept was to focus on different colored signs.

Project 7 - Wide Angle
Project 7       Wide Angle Brain child of Andrew Green
March 24, 2003

Since previous projects have all roughly involved close-up shots of single objects, this week's attempt was to go the opposite direction and try to take wider angled shots.

Project 6 - Portrait of an Adjective
Project 6       Portrait of an Adjective Brain child of Jessica Green
March 17, 2003

This week's subject was to pick an adjective, or multiple adjectives, and take photos that related to that desired adjective. We had some rain the weekend of our shots so my initial idea was quickly replaced by something much more simple.

Project 5 - Vegetable Personification
Project 5       Vegetable Personification Brain child of Andrew Green
March 10, 2003

Yet another experimental subject from yours truly, I came up with the wacky idea of photographing vegetables and fruit doing everyday human activities. Our photographs are getting better and better with each project.

Project 4 - Microscopic
Project 4       Microscopic Brain child of Jessica Green
March 3, 2003

Jessica decided that we should to take extremely close up photographs of everyday objects, and in the process make it difficult to decipher what the object is. We were to take 2 photographs of each object, an obscure one and one that showed the entire object for reference.

Project 3 - Motion
Project 3       Motion Brain child of Eric Doolan
February 24, 2003

After a false start with the initial concept of "shadows", the topic was quickly changed to "motion". As before, take 5 unaltered photographs that give the feeling of motion.

Project 2 - Reflections
Project 2       Reflections Brain child of William Smith
February 17, 2003

The second experiment had the concept of reflections. Again, the idea was to take 5 shots however the photographer chose to as long as they were about the concept and didn't have any digital enhancements. Digital manipulation was expanded to include rotation, in addition to cropping and scaling.

Project 1 - UFOs
Project 1       UFOs Brain child of Andrew Green
February 10, 2003

This was the first experimental photography project that the group of us attempted. Given less than a week to complete, the context of the "competition" was to take 5 shots of UFOs. Taking the idea in any way that the photographer would like, all the shots had to be done in camera. No digital altering was allowed other than to crop the picture to the desired size.

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