Going to BotCon

Botcon 09 Exclusive - KupWell, it’s official as I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole into my obession with Transformers. Jessica and I are set to go to BotCon 2009 in Pasadena, CA.

It’s one thing to bake a cake, it’s one thing to take tons of photos of toys, it’s an entirely different matter when you start attending conventions.

This will actually be my first convention of any type that I will have attended. Never done the comic book thing, nor sci fi thing. We did go to a small 3D photography convention during a trip through the midwest last year, but that was Jessica’s idea and quite small.

You know you are going to a big convention when:

  1. There are exclusive toys
  2. When said toys sell out within a couple of days
  3. When registering for the convention takes several hours of faxing due to demand jamming the lines
  4. When packaged admission is several hundred dollars
  5. They are premiering the toys from the new movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I was lucky enough to get my form in time to get into the lucrative Thursday customizing class. Oh yeah, I get to learn how to make regular toys into custom toys. That is really gonna help with my addiction.

So for 4 days at the end of May, Jessica and I will be heading out to Pasadena to further fuel my obsession with toys from my youth. BotCon being in Pasadena this year is actually fortuitous, since we don’t need to fly to get the convention. I actually don’t think we would have bothered had we been required to fly. So most likely this will be my first and last BotCon… maybe…