2nd Soda of Thanksgiving: Cranberry

Jones Cranberry Soda Tonight’s drink of choice was the cranberry flavored Jones Soda, the second soda I’ve tried from the Jones Holiday Pack.

Jessica was kind enough to grant me a respite from the previous disgusting soda by grabbing the red hued bottle from the fridge.

The initial scent of the freshly opened drink wasn’t appealing at first. It didn’t smell anything like cranberries, and it most certainly didn’t smell “fresh”. The first taste also wasn’t anything I’d consider good. Maybe I had waited too long to drink these.

As it turned out, it did start tasting like cranberries about a quarter into the bottle. The problem that I found was that like most recent Jones sodas, it was sugar free. The missing sugar taste is what I was missing.

So unlike the Brussels Sprout soda, I did finish this one. Not much of a challenge I must admit, but those other flavors will have to wait for another day.