Yes, I liked the new Godzilla

Godzilla Profile

I’ll say it right now, I loved the new Godzilla movie that was released in 1998. In fact, I would have to say that I liked it better than all the original Godzilla movies from Japan. The film was one of the first DVD’s I ever purchased.

There was something about the visceral nature of the updated Godzilla that just worked for me. Whether it be the mix of real and CG effects, the new Godzilla design, or his new roar: it just all was great.

As a matter of fact, I was even into the marketing of the whole thing. “Size Does Matter” was the tagline. It was all over Arizona and California the summer it was released. Buses, blimp hangers, building were all decorated with Godzilla posters.

I still remember all the related movie tie-ins. Ice cream with chocolate Godzilla pieces, animated toys that roared with a push of the button, Tamagotchi-themed Godzilla game, and even a Godzilla hand puppet that also roared. Jessica even got me a giant vinyl poster from Toys-R-Us. It hung on my office wall for more than a year before retiring up into our attic. Who knows what other Godzilla gear I have hidden away.

Baby Godzillas Finally, I didn’t even mind the scene in the movie where the baby Godzilla’s run amok in Madison Square Garden. It was just something more to add to the Godzilla experience.

So… did you like the new Godzilla?